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                Bauma China

                NEWS CENTER

                04 2018-12

                2018 Bauma China+

                On November 30, 2018, Bauma 2018 Shanghai exhibition was successfully concluded. The Bauma exhibition attracted 3,350 enterprises from 38 countries and regions, SEMW as one of the many exhibitors of this exhibition, takes advantage of the good opportunity
                24 2016-03

                Port D260 in the construction of a formal delivery of diesel hammer+

                Recently, the successful delivery of the construction machinery in the construction of the port of D260 project. D260 diesel hammer to participate in the east wind power project, Xiangshui sea wind power projects.

                  SEMW used to be the first deep foundation equipment manufacturerin China. For now, we are dedicated to design and produce deepfoundation machines for over a decade.

                • GOOD PRODUCTS

                  Our products feature super power, high eciency, and stability,which deliver excellent productivity for a variety of soil conditions.


                  For decades, our increasing market share in domestic deep foundation industry keeps top rank and leading peers.

                • BETTER SERVICE

                  Provide a comprehensive range of differentiated value-added services from pre-sale to in-sale and after-sale to maximize customer benefits.

                • SUCCESSFUL CASES

                  Our products are well received around the world with those successful cases.

                • EXPANDED RESOURCES

                  We have fully developed supply chain resources for better serving our customers.

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